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Credit Honor is a Business Consulting and Financial Services Company dedicated to helping individuals, families, and businesses protect their health, wealth and legacy. We work to build and maintain solid relationships with our clients & partners that will last a lifetime. We specialize in helping people reach their goals through financial superiority, goal setting and wealth building.

Mission: To Engage, Educate and Empower Clients and Partners

Vision: To be the Most Reliable and Impactful Brand in Financial Services

Several Reasons Why I Started Credit Honor:

First Reason: I have been taken advantage of by paying for credit services and never hearing back from companies.

Second Reason: I used my credit to get items in my name for close friends & family who I thought would be responsible, but they ended up taking advantage of my kindness and never fulfilled their obligations.

Third Reason: Credit education & finance are not taught on purpose and many people have been educated to know only a fraction of the information.

Lastly: I am passionate about educating, presenting quality content & delivering on my promise. I make sure clients and partners are well-informed about this information, process and help them to achieve their goals. The relationship built with you means more to me than the monetary transaction.

Founder & Chief Amazement Officer

Anterio Jackson

"If Serving is Beneath you, Then Leadership is Beyond You"

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Hours of Operations:

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