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Navigating the constantly changing tax landscape can be a daunting task for many, but we take pride in staying up-to-date on the latest tax laws and regulations. As our tax preparation is fully digital, we are equipped to prepare all types of federal and state tax returns accurately and efficiently.Our expertise extends to a wide range of clients, including corporations, partnerships, LLC's, trusts, estates, and individuals. Our comprehensive services encompass various tax forms, such as 706, 709, 990, 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 5500, sales tax, and personal property taxes.

At Credit Honor, we make the tax preparation process as seamless as possible. Whether you prefer to call us, schedule an appointment via zoom, we're here to assist you. Your confidential information is securely stored on our servers, and we're always available to provide copies of your tax returns or other information when you need them.Our client base ranges from individuals with simple tax returns to large corporations and business startups. No matter the complexity of your tax situation, we're here to provide comprehensive solutions that fit your unique needs. At our firm, we prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients and are committed to being a reliable partner for years to come.

Common Items Needed

for Tax Preparation

Whether you are a current or new client, we have prepared the following list of things we may need from you to assist us in preparing your tax return properly and efficiently.

1. Personal information

‐ Copy of your prior year tax return (not needed if you are a current client)

‐ Date of birth & Social Security numbers for you, spouse, and your dependents (not needed if you are a current client or provide a copy of your prior year return with that information)

‐ Current address (not needed for current clients but please advise us of any changes)

‐ Contact information – phone, email (not needed for current clients but please advise us of any changes)

2. Income

‐ W‐2 Forms – Employment income

‐ 1099‐MISC Forms ‐ Self‐employment income or other income

‐ 1099‐INT Forms – Interest income

‐ 1099‐DIV Forms – Dividend income

‐ 1099‐B Forms – From brokerage showing trades in stocks and bonds

‐ Schedule K‐1 Forms ‐ Income(loss) from a partnership, S Corp or Trust. If you need any of these tax

returns prepared please let us know

‐ 1099‐SSA Forms ‐ Social Security benefits

‐ 1099‐R Forms – Retirement distributions

‐ Alimony income

‐ Rental income. As well as categorized expenses. See Business documents below

‐ Investment income not reported on Form 1099‐B

‐ Unemployment benefits

‐ Foreign income

3. Deductions

‐ 1098 Form

‐ Mortgage interest

‐ Charitable contributions

– Cash and non-cash donations

‐ Medical expenses

– Prescriptions, doctors, dentists, etc.

‐ Property taxes (usually reported on 1098 Form)

‐ IRA Contributions

‐ Education expenses related to occupation

‐ Job search expenses

‐ Moving expenses

‐ Daycare or childcare costs

‐ 1098‐T Forms

– Qualified tuition expenses

‐ Closing/settlement statements if you bought or sold a home

‐ Estimated tax payments

‐ Federal and state payments including amounts and dates paid

Your deductible expenses may be in the form of a tax form, spreadsheet, bank statement, receipts and/or other written evidence. Keep in mind, some may show up in the mailbox, and you may need to account for others. Please provide a copy the tax reporting document where applicable, if no form is provided a written or typed summary from you is acceptable.

4. Business related items (if self‐employed)

‐ Total income. Might include sales, commission, or rental income

‐ Business expenses summarized into categories. We’ve provided some examples below.   a. Inventory purchases, wages paid, taxes, repairs, advertising, utilities, phone, equipment purchases and sales, building or land purchases and sales, travel, meals & entertainment, tools, supplies, office supplies, postage, printing, contracted labor, vehicle purchases, etc.

‐ Business use of personal home or vehicle. For use of home we will need the total square footage of your home as well as the square footage of the office area. For business use of your vehicle please provide the total business related miles driven for the year as well as total personal driven on the vehicle.

‐ Please let us know if you need book‐keeping or accounting help or if you have any questions about what you might need for your tax return.

Missing documents?

If you are missing any documents, we may be able to help you track down the missing information even without the actual form. If you are missing a W‐2 Form, please ask your employer to send you a copy. If that’s not possible we can request information from the IRS to see what was reported. If you are missing a 1099 or 1098 Form, please download a new one from your broker or bank’s website or call your financial institute and have a new one mailed to you. It might be necessary to use estimates if some documentation is not available.

As your tax professional and friend we look forward to working with you and hope for your success.We value the relationship we have built and know that the highest compliment we can receive is a positive referral from you. We are always looking for new clients and would love to work with your friends, family, business associates, etc. Feel free to share our contact information for individual and business tax preparation, IRS help, accounting, audit or other CPA services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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