What is Prodigy Surge?


ProdigySurge is a Credit Enhancement Software that focuses on Ease of Use, Speed of Use, and Efficiency of Use and is also an ethical and compliance-based software that uses the Metro 2 Compliance Method. No More Disputing, Arguing with Credit Bureaus and getting no results.

ProdigySurge is a Pay As You Go Software. No Month to Month Cost, Contracts, or Commitments! Affordable and economical for small to large credit repair companies. Simple yet powerful automated credit repair at your fingertips. Easy to follow steps for beginners, novice up through experts.

ProdigySurge is the fastest credit repair processing software available today. ProdigySurge Generates Aggressive letters with the highest success rates and Prints & Mails your Letters Within the Software directly to Credit Bureaus & Data Furnishers. No more spending money on ink, paper, envelopes, and stamps.

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