Funeral Assistance Plan

We Cover Your Funeral Cost!

In these trying times, many of us have woken up to so many "RIP" post, text and calls that we've lost count.

What's even more sad is the fact that many of us were "NOT PREPARED" and the family had to find a way to bury or cremate them ultimately resulting in a "GoFundMe" campaign to raise money. What If you could fully pay for your Funeral Expenses or Cremation Along with 6 Other People of "YOUR" Choosing for as Low as $50 a Month?

Features and Benefits of ur Funeral Assistance Plan:

The Whole Group is COVERED up to 7 people!!!*

Coverage starts after 6 Months.*

Ages: 0 – 80 years Old*

Basic Funeral Services*

Covers Suicide*

No Physical required*

No Medical Exam*

No Immigration Status*

No Long term Contracts*

No Intensive Interviews*

No Background Checks*

No Credit Checks*

Also Nursing home patients*

Incarcerated individuals*

Free airfare for the BODY and Plan Holder*

Will ship body from another country or state*

Recession Proof Product

Do you need an additional income stream with an automated system?*

Full-Time or Part-Time Opportunity*

No Insurance License Needed*

Earn While you Learn*

Get Paid Twice Monthly*

Optional: No Team Building Required*

Residual Income for Life*


and More!

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